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        Service- drives the value promotion 

        "Guarantee the customer operations", adhere to the "close, intimate, assured, worry-free" service concept, provide you the pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales services, and integrate the value-added services into the link closely related to the customers. 

        Pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales services: 

        User experience: We communicate with you through the introduction of new products and the actual operating experience of the customer. 

        Customize the construction solutions: With the demand of the consultative selling and differentiation customization, we would fully assist you in the optimal selection of equipment and help you to achieve the purchase value of equipment. 

        Transportation: In order to meet your requirement, we would provide the transport home delivery services and provide the installation and delivery training service for each set of product. 


        After-sales service: 

        Response in place: Respond the service call, and depend on you 

        Remote service in place: Fault early warning    appointment maintenance   equipment operation report 

        Qingzhou Longjian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. has been commended in the industry by virtue of the product quality, strength and integrity. Welcome all friends from all circles to visit, guide and make business negotiation. 


        Intelligent engineering machinery manufacturer

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