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        Special attention in usage of sweeper

        DATE:2018-07-18 10:12:45 clicks:

        The sweeper has been put into all aspects of the cleaning work and is used for garbage cleaning and floor cleaning in many indoor and outdoor places, so the correct operation of the sweeper is very important and the later maintenance is of equal importance. The sweeper users shall pay special attention to the maintenance of 4 accessories so that the sweeper can be used at any time and work normally.   

        For the sweeper brush, the sweeper body is equipped with main brush and side brush, so that all garbage extended in all directions will be cleaned upon the cleaning of the ground, with very wide cleaning scope and very high efficiency. The angle of inclination is designed for the sweeper brush, which is more conducive to the cleaning of garbage, and no dust pollution generates during cleaning. After the daily use of the sweeper, the degree of wear of the sweeper brush should be inspected regularly. If the severe wear happens, the new sweeper brush should be replaced in time. 

        The garbage in the sweeper bins should be dumped in time to prevent the garbage from generating the corrosive liquid, the sweeper dustbin from the rust and prevent the garbage from producing a spoiled smell. Place the idle sweeper in a dry and ventilated place, do not expose it in the sun in order to avoid damaging the shell of the sweeper, and do not stop in a damp place to prevent damaging the sweeper's battery. 

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