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        Qingzhou Longjian launches the sweeper series new product

        DATE:2019-03-04 09:15:14 clicks:

        The sweeper is a kind of road cleaning machine which is applied to the construction sites such as the asphalt pavement, milling pavement, and industrial park, etc. 

        Like other construction machinery, the development of sweeper has also gone through a long process. The current sweeper has developed a relatively comprehensive product type through the development. In the meantime, with the development of science, its manufacturing process has also reached a relatively high level. 

        Purpose of sweeper: The sweeper could be applied to the road surface cleaning operations at the construction sites such as the asphalt pavements, milling pavements, industrial parks, urban and rural roads, tunnels, etc. 

        Classification of sweeper: 

        1. As per the dust removal method, it can be divided into the dry sweeper and wet sweeper. 

        2. As per the working principle, it can be divided into suction sweeper and pure sweeper. 

        3. As per the walking system, it can be divided into self-propelled sweeper and pull-type sweeper. 

        The product introduced by us to you is the new sweeper launched by Qingzhou Longjian Special Machinery Co., Ltd. It has the following advantages such as the stable operation, strong power, good cleaning result, good quality, long service life and green environmental protection. It can be used to clean the garbage on the road to keep the road clean and tidy. 

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