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                      我們的服務涉及于各個行業的客戶,包括數據通信、電信、汽車、工業、消費品、 醫療、新能源、軍用品、計算機及計算機外圍設備等相關領域。


                  Precision equipment to achieve accurate and efficient detection

                  Our services cover a wide range of industries, including data communications, telecommunications, automotive, industrial, consumer products, healthcare, new energy, military supplies, computers and computer peripherals.

                  In addition to the ISO standard quality assurance system and a complete laboratory, we take green environmental protection as the design concept, referring to international and domestic standards, to create a new generation of environmental protection products.The ICP-OES analyzer can be used for testing heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury, and UV analyzer can be used for quantitative analysis and testing of hexavalent chromium.

                  電信網絡 Telecommunications network

                  新能源 new energy

                  工業電氣 Industrial electrical

                  軍用航空 Military aviation

                  汽車 auto industry

                  消費品 consumer goods

                  家用電器 Household appliances

                  醫療 Medical

                  數據通信 data communication

                  工業自動化 automated industry