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                  Weillen建立研發技術中心,擁有一支超過30 余人的工程研發團隊,研發團隊正使用工程分析手法及快速提交客戶需求的設計方案。將先進的技術和卓越的品質視為企業經營的核心支柱,持續研發,高投入企業掌握領先技術。





                  Professional team get together, focus on R and D and design

                  weillen set up R and D technology center, has a more than 30 people of engineering R and D team, the team is using engineering analysis technique and design of fast to submit customer requirements. The advanced technology and outstanding quality are regarded as the core pillar of enterprise operation, continuous research and development, and high investment in leading technology。

                  Mould design ability

                  weillen have an innovative mold design team to develop high precision, low cost and high efficiency mold with the design concept of the standard mould base can be fast changing. The team is more equipped with the mould design ability of the small spacing multi-mode hole and the high-speed multi-line.

                  Independent R and D capacity

                  Our team uses professional engineering analysis technique (tolerance analysis and PFMEA) and simulation software (FEM, mold flow analysis) to avoid design error and make sure our products can meet the specification, moreover, can reduce the development time of project. And our rapid response to the customer's design proposal can help to reduce the cost because of re-fixing mold.